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Elsa & Anna inspired eye makeup - Makeup artist Tal Peleg posted these amazing eye makeup designs based on the two main characters in Disney's Frozen .

Hello, my cute fluffy kittens! Today I offer you a large set of makeup tutos, which I have been diligently collecting all the months since I created this post. Step by step eye mak

Step by step eye makeup - PICS. My collection

Crazy fun bright yellow eye make up with thick black eyeliner definition. I'd do any other bright color.

Ariel Make Up ~ Make Up & Beauty with a Princess Touch: ♕ The Pokémon Series ♕ Eevee ♕{Eeveelutions Mini Series}

Finally introducing and lunching today my new makeup series - The Pokémon Series ! I've always been a Pokémon fan since I was little - m.


Get a Perfect Party Look with Glitter Eye Makeup.Looking for a dramatic eye makeup idea to get a perfect party look? What about Glitter eye makeup.

Handicraftiness: My Little Pony Birthday Party Decor- Could just make "cutie" marks on their faces, not eyes.