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Trump claims of unprecedented victory margin are false, like the rest of the nonsense he says and does. #TruthOverTrump

Tea Pain Trump just claimed he received the "greatest electoral victory since Ronald Reagan.

If you voted for these two I refuse to have any contact with you for the next 4 years.... at least!!

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The 1% keep selling this same "tax cut" plan to the Fool-Aid republiconned and they keep buying it. Knowledge is power. Don't be fools, get the facts. Tax cuts always benefit the 1% far more than the rest of us.

With this new found power, Republicans will without control, continue to overreach. They will not be able to help it. This will pave the way for a progressive revolution reminiscent of the Thirties, but on a much broader scale. So Republicans please.

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Funny Quotes About Donald Trump by Comedians and Celebrities: Seth Meyers on Watching and Studying Trump

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Sean Spicer doesn't give a fuck about facts and blatantly lies to the American people. He's a dishonorable White House press secretary and is absolutely disgusting!

Well Iran sponsors lots of terrorist groups, and they are possibly harboring nukes they secured through proliferation, or they developed with help from North Korea or even Russia. They aren't our friends and may be the most dangerous rogue nation on Earth.

This idiot should not be allowed to speak in public. He's making our country the laughingstock of the world.

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I cannot tell a lie - Washington; I cannot tell the truth - Nixon; I cannot tell the difference - Trump