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feel like I'm herding those crazy lil dinos from JP that were dashing here and there. Teaching And Dinosuars

Pardon Last Nights Drunk Texts That Vodka Is One Chatty Bitch.

Funny Teacher Week Ecard: December Lesson Plans Scrape children from ceiling. Repeat as necessary.


Funny pictures about Teacher's Time Of Relief. Oh, and cool pics about Teacher's Time Of Relief. Also, Teacher's Time Of Relief photos.

Wat kinderen vertellen over thuis.

Wat kinderen vertellen over thuis.

20 Memes That Only a Teacher Will Truly Understand compiled by Read Like a Rock Star!

Funny Friendship Ecard: I frequently use my teacher voice outside the classroom, randomly and unintentionally.

Preschool Wonders: Favorite Pins Friday & A Freebie!

Politician Man, you want to tie teacher salaries to the state tests? Can we tie YOUR salary to the economy?

"Blaming teachers for the problems in education is like blaming doctors for people getting sick."

Blaming teachers for all the problems in education is like blaming doctors for people getting sick. -- so true!

This so describes me!!

Even tho I want to rip my hair out, I couldn't be happier with my career choice. I must look like this on some days teaching. just like Sheldon Cooper, trying to fake a smile.

Some days, teaching childrenis like trying to herd cats.Once you think you'vegot them cornered,somebodyescapes.

Free and Funny Workplace Ecard: Here's my favorite fairy tale: Once upon a time, teachers returned to school and administration didn't change any schedules, assignments or the curriculum.

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There& no doubt that teaching is one of the hardest jobs around. From managing a roomful of students to solving problems not always on the lesson plan, teachers are our superheroes. Here are a few images that help sum up your week. (: by Clara Galán