joon's room

sometimes i feel like my room is too childish for my age but then i remember bts hyung line's rooms


Happy birthday to the best lider and rapper that can exist in the world!

yeah lmao

Rapmonster did this? That's seriously freaking adorable💜

Namjoon got a Ryan cake for his birthday! Look at him! I sincerely love him and everything he does. Without him there would be no Bangtan (same goes for all of the members). He is our clumsy, cute, manly, smart one of a kind LEADER! I really respect and support him so much! He is an inspiration and a role model. I hope he had an eventful day and made good memories! 12.09.2016. Happy 23rd! Lets be young forever together RM! ❤ (Oh so EMOtional RN lol) #HappyNamjoonDay #BTS #방탄소년단

Jiminie got Joonie a Ryan cake for his birthday. His reaction is pure joy and adorableness

If I could I would Namjoonie!! ^~^

How much you bet Jimin write that? NJ: *takes hand* We have to talk about this with my mother JM: BUT NAMJOON xD

Let Moonie live his child side everyone has one XD we fangirl have our k-groups XD

The highlight is still the cake jimin bought for namjoon this is sooo cute i have too say it ❤

#wattpad #humor Quando Deus me botou nesse mundo ele não disse que eu ia sofrer por coreano viado.  Sabe aquela suruba básica... Aquela tirinha idiota do bias, aquele máster shipper, e aquelas piadas de sempre.  Essas outras tirinhas você encontra aqui.

E Os Namoradinho? - 116