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THE PHLYGRAPH 'SPEAKS' | Nov/13/14 Political Cartoon by Gary Varvel

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A department of Education that produces this should be burned to the ground and all who are responsible for it should be imprisoned.

"Creepy ass cracka" is not racist? But Zimmerman's motives were racist? Welcome to your ObamaNation.

Wow what a deep thinker you must be.  (Eyeroll)

We can not get rid of this goof fast enough! Free Collage, Housing, Food and Healthcare for all!All shit bags are welcome.

You can disagree with or dislike a person for reasons other than skin color

Anti-Obama does not equate to racist. If he was Republican and you did not like him, would that make you racist? I think Biden sucks as well!

and it will continue until all stand together and say ENOUGH, where is courage these days. Strength in numbers.

Washington Elites, both parties, just can't keep their hands off of our money. Vote Conservative here we come!