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Science - Universe - Revolution of Earth - English

The video teaches about revolution of earth. It shows how different seasons occur. It shows how different parts of earth get different amounts of sun-light d.


Illustration of day and night with sentences showing the use of some common prepositions of time - at, in, during. Vocabulary for ESL learners and teachers.

That makes you wonder. Do you really think we are the only living things in this whole wide wife world??

Our place in the multiverse[s].

We are a 66 planet Universe related to Multiverses out there. The idea of only 12 planets is a seeded thought form to limit you.

How cold is the coldest place in the Universe, that we know of? What's the lowest man-made temperature ever achieved? And just how many zeroes are needed to express 'absolute hot', after which the fundamentals of conventional physics start to break...

A Billion Degrees of Separation: TEMPERATURE - From absolute zero to 'absolute hot' infographic.

Revolution vs Rotation Solar System - Pics about space

Our Universe , Galaxies, Solar System & Planets - Worksheets for Grade 3 & 4

Creative Lesson Cafe: Candy Corn Experiment and Freebie

What would Halloween week be without a little candy corn? You couldn't pay me to eat it, but it sure does make for one great science lesson!

Bookish Ways in Math and Science: Freebies: Place Value/Number Sense

Here are links to posts containing math freebies for the counting, number sense, and place value. Charts Be a Number Detective .