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He couldn't be truthful if his life depended on it.

Donald Trump’s supporters have one frightening personality trait in common —…

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"I Don't Believe In Intelligence." (That's How He Got Elected.) -- Don the Con Trump

Happy Valentine's Day you two love birds. You should get a room. Biddy Craft

on the issue of the memos written by Christopher Steele from months of human intelligence work with trusted Russian sources—Trump, who claims the memos are 100 percent false, has already lied about them repeatedly.

careful who you believe

Obama and Hillary deflecting Blame for the mass shootings in America on honest law abiding gun owners. Political Cartoon by A. Branco A.

Trump: Nope, sorry - you're not white so you can't judge me.

Hypocrisy - POC and related groups can claim bias by white for everything. But, white cannot claim bias because it means we are racist.