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Yokai-A-Day: Tengu | MatthewMeyer.net

Today’s yokai is not only awesome in its own right, but it is also the name of one of my favorite chain restaurants over here. Tengu This is one of the most famous and most interesting yokai,…

Because of its incredible knowledge of the various kinds of yokai and monsters…

Hakutaku: extremely good omens and symbols of good luck. Hakutaku can speak human languages, and are highly knowledgeable about all things in creation.

Japanese mythological creatures

The okuri inu is a nocturnal dog- or wolf-like yokai which haunts mountain passes, forested roads, and similar locations. They resemble ordinary dogs and wolves in all but their ferocity; for their are much more dangerous than their mortal counterparts

More info on the Kasha, a Japanese yokai that appears as a flaming cat and is a servant of hell.

Kasha- Japanese myth: a flaming cat yokai that steals corpses from cemeteries to eat them

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Just finished and listed this brand new design; Numbered, dated original, losely based on characters from the Okami video game. A leather mask sumi-e version of "The Ra.

The Most Fantastic Monsters From Art And Literature | Boria Sax

The Most Fantastic Monsters From Literature

Uwan is a creature that inhabits abandoned buildings. The Bakemono Zukushi Handscroll, Unknown Artist, Edo Period (18th-19th Century)

The Bakemono Zukushi handscroll, painted in the Edo period century) by an unknown artist, depicts 24 traditional monsters that once used to spook the people of Japan.