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High school summed up by Disney. This is how I and my brother speak in real life. With Disney quotes.

Two things. One, who would make this? Do you know how dangerous it is? And two, why am I repinning it?

Basic technique to throw playing cards

I totally want to kill someone with playing cards! Wow, I think I need a shrink or something.<<<I've killed a man with playing cards once.

I hope it works!!

I just pinned this cause of the fun eye tests and to just state, don't believe in all the tests and stuff that these type of pins make up, if you believe hard enough then you can make your wishes come true on your own.

I hugged Yukino because it's what my parents have tought me

I draw Wendy because I don't know what to do. I wanted to marry Sting or Rogue though.<< i smack happy because I'm being controlled