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The challenge was to create a anti smoking ad powerful enough to turn people off cigarettes without resorting to the gruesome imagery so prevalent in anti-smoking campaigns. With the help of a couple of dancers, an up-for-anything ad agency and hundreds of yards of Lycra, Los Angeles photographer Ricardo Marenco did just that.

Smoking is one of the most disgusting activities human beings partake in. And it does precisely what this picture depicts, once you get yourself wrapped up in the addiction, you're trapped.

30 Brilliant Anti Smoking Advertisements for your inspiration - Best Print Ads and Posters. Follow us www.pinterest.com/webneel

30 Brilliant Anti Smoking Advertisements for your inspiration - Best Posters and Campaigns

30 Brilliant Anti Smoking Advertisements for your inspiration - Best Posters and Campaigns anti smoking Anti Smoking Ads : Advertising .

maydayproj. :: [대한민국디자인전람회]-시각-포스터 부문 2009년 본상

[대한민국디자인전람회]-시각-포스터 부문 2009년 본상


25 Clever Print Ads

FPA Australia: Stub - Executive Creative Director Julian Watt and his team developed a nicely detailed public awareness campaign for the Fire Protection Association of Australia.

De Facto: Nicotine addiction - woman | Ads of the World™

Print ads for advertising are just awesome. Funny and hilarious ads make your brand or product more attractive and eye-catching. The print advertisements is the

No al cigarrillo 29

I like this because it shows how harmful smoking is to your lungs. The poster is essentially saying smoking will burn your lungs away.

Social Commentary Ads

Global Action In The Interest of Animals: Plastic Bags Kill Ad Agency: BBDO Malaysia & Ad Agency: Duval Guillaume, Belgium

흔한 공익광고 클라스.jpg

Funny pictures about Don’t Drive Sleepy. Oh, and cool pics about Don’t Drive Sleepy. Also, Don’t Drive Sleepy photos.

Distractify | You'll Rethink Judging A Woman By Her Clothes After One Look At This Campaign - created via http://pinthemall.net

This capmpaign portrays exactly what women go through in our society, They are judged by any type of clothes they use.

The 17 Best Anti-Smoking Print Ads Ever Created

Clever and creative anti-smoking advertising which will inspire you to quit smoking. Anti-Smoking BillboardBillboard put up by Peruvian League of fight against cancer demonstrating damage caused by…

Fronteira Metrópole: Vamos parar de fumar galera

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Powerful social issue ads

Powerful social issue ads

18 Creative Anti-Smoking Ads | “It’s called suicide because it’s your choice.” #antismoking #smoking #tobacco #suicide  http://mindblowingresources.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/20-creative-anti-smoking-ads.html

It’s called suicide because it’s your choice. Give up smoking. Anti Smoking Help Line Ad by Mercury 360