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Dedicated, Athletic, Never Gives Up, Controlled, Emotional dancer quote


An amazing and true quote!

De l'athlète à l'artiste

Ballet quote by Shanna LaFleur

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Who Doesn't Love Dancing? Wonderful Music that have great Rhythm and Beat that our bodies just have to dance. Making New Friends. All this fun to benefit our Health.

Don't forget we can also shower in under 2! #Thanks to dance

Thanks to dance I can change my costume, makeup, and hair all in under 5 minutes

So true!

Dance teachers be like…. Yeah my teacher

I've been traumatized by the teacher reminding us to point toes on a daily basis

This is so true I still wake up with my toes pointed

Dance to express

When I dance I love to express myself in emotion. I most serenely do not do it to empress people, if anything I empress myself in how good of a goon I am doing.(Most Beauty Quotes)

One move requires all of this. Think about how much work Dance is as a whole. So, excuse me, while I say that Dance is indeed a sport

Plus keep the leg turned out and nice fingers and go deeper before u go up. Plus be on a high half point and if you forget even one thing, the pirouette fails


dance teaches an important life lesson: Focus your attention on what you can do and be a better you. Don't worry about others. Don't try to outcompete everyone.

Wish all my students had this drive.

Great quote, although not entirely true. My 90 year old teacher pushes REALLY HARD

You have no idea how often I hear this. "You take dance so I thought you would have better balance"

every time i trip walking.

Haha!! So true!! Everyone around me is always like "what the heck! You're like a rubber band!!" And I'm like "haha! ....yeah...."

I don't take dance lessons anymore, but I am still pretty flexible. I stretch in front of my friends and they are wondering how I can still do a scorpion and the splits even though I'm not taking dance lessons lol!

For all my girls LOL (Just a pic, no link)

Haha funny but true

It's a perfect arabesque. Note the precise location of each point...passed down from generation to generation.

Arabesque Guide, people think dance is easy.