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Two black holes are entwined in a gravitational tango in this artist's conception. Supermassive black holes at the hearts of galaxies are thought to form through the merging of smaller, yet still massive black holes, such as the ones depicted here.


Nassim Haramein added torque and Coriolis forces to Albert Einstein's field equations which led to a model describing black holes as having a Torus structure rather than one generally described as simply being more "funnel-like." --The Resonance Project

Asteroide recém descoberto se desintegra na atmosfera terrestre horas depois

NASA's data shows that a asteroid, spotted by Spanish stargazers in February, will whistle by Earth in a month.

A bizarre signal or fast radio burst - FRB, coming from deep in the universe, has finally been traced to its source

Narro Reading of Brightest Galactic Gamma Ray Blast Ever Detected Hits Earth Now - Space - The vulnerability planet Earth possesses has never been so certain since December 2004 when a mammoth explosion occurred in space.

"This means that our observable Universe, as magnificent and large as it is, is only a tiny fraction of just one Universe in our vast Multiverse, whose true size and scope is not only unknown to us, but potentially unknowable. We have no ideas at the present time how to gain information about something that leaves no imprint or information in our observable Universe, and therefore we don’t know how to learn about it."

What is the Multiverse, and why do we think it exists?

Evidence of Gravitational Waves Points towards the Existence of Multiple Universes - Physics-Astronomy

Pigeons Navigate With GPS? Science Measures Reaction to Magnetic Field

Protective Magnetic Fields Increase the Chance for Life on Earth-Like Planets

WATCH: How A Black Hole Battles A Star

Black Hole consumes a star : Nature News Comment

solar storm January 2012   |  #perspicacityparty #cosmicwonderland

Biggest solar storm since 2005 underway, will peak Tuesday

New Aurora Pictures: Solar Storms Trigger Northern Lights

MANDALA - Judith Cornell - € 25,00 - 9789069635934 - GRATIS VERZENDING. Stralende symbolen voor zelfontplooiing en heling. Mandala´s worden in Oosterse culturen al duizenden jaren gebruikt om een verhoogde staat van bewustzijn uit te drukken en genezing van lichaam, geest en ziel te bewerkstelligen. In het Westen introduceerde Carl G. Jung mandala´s als hulpmiddel bij psychische hulpverlening en om de diepe bron van kennis....BESTELLEN BIJ TOPBOOKS OF VERDER LEZEN? KLIK OP BOVENSTAANDE FOTO!

You are NOW activating your sixth dimensional Merkaba. Actually, the keys to this activation have always been hidden within your Junk DNA.


millky way sooper cool

"Signals from Before the Big Bang" --Were Telltale Patterns Glimpsed in the Afterglow?  According to Penrose and Gurzadyan, as described in arXiv: 1011.3706, these circles allow us to "see through" the Big Bang into the aeon that would have existed beforehand. They are the visible signature left in our aeon by the spherical ripples of gravitational waves that were generated when black holes collided in the previous aeon.

Wanted: Quantum computer to test physics theories (Image via LiveScience)


Event Horizon Telescope reveals magnetic fields at Milky Way’s central black hole

빅뱅 초기 130억년 전 우주 초기 별 포착 (사이언스紙)

Imprint of Primordial Monster Star Found The detection of the chemical signature of a relic star brings long-awaited evidence for massive stellar ancestors.The very first stars in the Universe might have been hundreds of times more massive than the Sun.

A Beautiful End to a Star’s Life | NASA

A Beautiful End to a Star’s Life

Complex planetary nebulas form when a star uses up all of the hydrogen in its core -- an event our Sun will go through in about five billion years. Image: X-ray: NASA/CXC/IAA-CSIC/N.Ruiz et al, Optical: NASA/STScI Caption: Chandra X-Ray Observatory

Source of monster black hole's energy jet identified (Photo: Avery E. Broderick (University of Waterloo / Perimeter Institute)

2012 September 28 A peek at swirling matter around a giant black hole verifies that it is the source of a monstrous blast of energy thousands of light-years long, researchers say.

Blick ins Herz der Dunkelheit: Schwarze Löcher - die unheimlichen Masse-Monster Ein Schwarzes Loch ist gar kein Loch. Mit Lücken oder Hohlräumen, wie sie uns aus dem irdischen Leben als Löcher bekannt sind, haben Schwarze Löcher nichts zu tun.

Blick ins Herz der Dunkelheit:Schwarze Löcher - die unheimlichen Massemonster

Black Holes are so dense, and produce such intense gravity, that even light can not escape. Theoretical physicists predict that there are situations under which light can escape (which is called Hawking radiation).