One last time (Percy Jackson/ Spider-Man/ Avengers Crossover) - Memes pt.1

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Some solangelo stuff. Other ships will be incl… Fanfiction for the gods sake! percy bro why don't you leave them alone for a second?

Percy jackson

*starts chanting 'percabeth percabeth percabeth* I love the line though when percy says something dum can't remember what it was and annabeth is like ' you've got kelp on the brain'

Because that's all she needed to take out the titan lord.

Octavian: What, you're gonna his me in the eye? Me: Rachel hit The Lord of the titans in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush.

Me: Falls to the floor and starting giggling and squealing uncontrollably. Me: Cuddles books to my chest. Me: Stands up with messed hair all casual like,"yes I might have read them in not sure I remember though" More giggles.

Me whenever someone says Percy Jackson. Keeps blabbering about Percy Jackson for eternity.


I almost did that but saw his name and was like, "If uncle Rick killed Percy he dies with him." <<<<Uncle Rick knows how to keep a book going.