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Sculpting Paper into Intricate Building Structures

Ingrid Siliakus’ Origamic Architecture

pleated paper sculptures, paper forms, art, contemporary

"English artist Richard Sweeney concentrated on the hands-on manipulation of paper to create design models in his studies which ultimately developed into sculptural pieces. He now combines hand-craf.

Jeff Nishinaka carves and pinches paper to create intricate paper sculptures.

Incredible paper sculptures by Jeff Nishinaka

Paper sculptures by Jeff Nishinaka. These amazing paper sculptures are made by Los Angeles based artist Jeff Nishinaka.

Intricate and Delightful 3D Paper Architecture by Christina Lihan

Amazing Stuffs: Highly Detailed Paper Relief Sculptures Designed by: Christina Lihan

Paper Artworks by Shotopop

Paper Artworks by Shotopop

Shotopop is a multidisciplinary design studio based in London with a portfolio that includes a series of fantastic artworks made of paper. More paper artworks Visit their website

Architect Constructs 3D Cityscape Paper Sculptures

Architect Constructs Cityscape Paper Sculptures - My Modern Metropolis - Artist Christina Lihan creates amazing depth and detail with just simple sheets of paper

maudvantours1.jpg 584 × 2 632 pixels

maud vantours (The Jealous Curator)

That was almost all I could muster for this post. Either that or, GASP! This is the insanely beautiful paper work of Paris based artist Maud Vantours, and I love it all! Her color choices {

Star Wars kirigami model: The Millennium Falcon

Marc Hagan-Guirey is raising funds for Cut Scene: Kirigami Inspired by Scenes from Star Wars on Kickstarter! Artist, Paper Dandy is producing an exhibiton of single sheet kirigami paper models inspired by scenes from Star Wars

this is made from paper but I cannot locate the name of the artist...If anyone knows, please inform me. thank you!

Cheong-ah Hwang, a Korean artist, creates multi-layered pieces paper sculptures.: amazing paper sculptures by Cheong-ah Hwang