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Obama's America

Obama made the deal with the President of Mexico for illegal immigrants in our country but he can't pick up the phone to save our Marine?your true colors are coming out for the world to see.

Back when late night TV was actually funny ... and had some class.

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And better yet, someone who loves the only true God and His Son, Jesus Christ. For if he has the love of the Father in him, and our people repent and turn to God, God will be just and show His mercy towards us.

I loved Whitney, but our heroes who sacrificed deserve better than what they got!

Is he trying to goad us into rioting so he can call marshall law on us so that we will lose all of our freedoms?

Valerie Jarrett, Iranian/Muslim top advisor to Obama. Obama himself has said he does nothing without passing it by Jarrett first. SHE, not Obama, is the one running our country. Knowing this makes a lot of things more clearer now about this administration and Obama's actions.

VALERIE JARRETT - The Top Muslim in the Top Power Seat - Obama's TOP ADVISOR! - Yes ladies and gentlemen, THIS is Obama's top advisor. Seems as if his promise to fundamentally change America is in full swing.

Benghazi The fact that this faithful patriot was relieved of his command tells you all you need to know about the criminality of the Soros- Sotero regime.

Read this about General Carter Ham who was in Benghazi on resisted the Obama Stand Down order and was relieved of his command w/in minutes. Obama wanted those 4 Americans to die.

OBAMA CARTOONS: Conservative Political Humor: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama: Hiding the truth about Benghazi!

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama: Hiding the truth about Benghazi!


a previous pinner said "Cruz- Paul. What a dynamic duo. With Dr Carson Sec of State and Allen West as Sec of Defense and Trey Gowdy as At General. This is better than Fantasy Football.

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I want my country back! I want honest people in govt that live under the same laws i do. I want people in govt to have the same health care and retirement plan i have. I want the federal govt cleaned OUT!


Hillary Clinton Vows To Do Things to Illegal Aliens Even Obama Thought were Illegal - FrontpageMag

Bernie for President

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Obama - & Worst, and If You Disagree with Allen West, You're Racist! - Alfonzo Rachel Wish Allen West were my president!

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Worse, when told that our Ambassador was missing, and that we had a full-fledged terrorist attack in progress, President Obama went to BED. went to BED.

Bush vs. Obama

Tell me again why Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize and why Bush was called a "War Monger"?

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Valerie Jarrett quote This ought to scare the hell out of people. She is a communist running the president and OUR WHITE HOUSE!

If you are free to be a liberal - thank a person with a gun.  (And who may have given his or her life for that freedom.)

liberals can not exist without conservative protection. If you are free to be a liberal - Thank a person with a gun!