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small iris tattoo - next tattoo is going to involve irises, or Lillies or both

Tattoos - Aaron Goolsby - Cattleya Orchid

Cattleya Orchid by Aaron Goolsby - There are two reason this tattoo was so cool to do. First the client was from South America, she said her mother us

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Lace Tattoos parallel a distinct fashion statement and helps you to invigorate your charm and glamor. Get your lace tattoo design done and throw some weight around with it. Explore some of the amazing lace-tattoo designs here.

My most meaningful tattoo. Even though it's on my ass

My most meaningful tattoo. Even though it's on my ass

Orchid Tattoo  Other flowers that are often used for tattoos are:     •orchids: mysterious  •forget me not's: an old believe is that the wearers of this flower are not forgotten by their lovers.   •sweet peas: blissful pleasure  •Irises: passion  •Violets: faithfulness, modesty  •Narcissus: self-esteem  •Peony Flowers: anger

Sweet pea tattoo design-- maybe an addition to my current tattoo. Want to add this to my infinity