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Look how I paused this on vine yesterday so cool!!!

Look how I paused this on vine yesterday so cool!

Gordon Ramsey's Angriest Moments

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iPhone Meme Breakup  - Seventeen.com

Guy Gets Last Laugh With Memes


Scrolling a post like this takes some serious stamina. Love this scrolling stuff !



2 kinds of people in this world

2 kinds of people

this is true >>> left side all the way (except for pepsi. I like pepsi)

"Unfortunately, Zeus was feeling horny."

17 Times Tumblr Couldn't Believe What A Huge Fuckboy Zeus Was

One of the most annoying songs ever has a deeper meaning? I almost have an appreciation for it now. Almost.

The truth about Friday.

the song Friday is really about the assassination of JFK. who cares about things like 'facts' and 'being correct' and 'history'. pretty sure this song is the new 'true'. I like this song a little better now!

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(16) Tumblr

"Mom was worried about my trip to Detroit, I sent her this picture." oh Detroit

I bet nobody will like this.

I personally think that this post is begging for attention. So do not "like this post" I am purely pinning bc I have been called ugly. -Wetheteens ---- I agree.

My Collection of Favorite Tumblr Posts - Imgur

My Collection of Favorite Tumblr Posts

HAHA! So wanna do this.

This is such an awesome idea! Pretend you are invisible! Just a little prank for strangers.