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This man is amazing

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When my brother was in kindergarden, he couldn't stop talking about how cool and funny his best friend Jeremy is.

That was awesome. He knows this kid is awesome and he didn't give him the label of being wheelchair bound. It wasn't important to mention it. He is just his awesome friend.

Omg I absolutely love this!!! If more guys were like this....

I'm a 19 year old guy and I bailed on my friends to take my little sister to a movie. I told her I'd never let any guy hurt her. That includes me. Awwww so sweet



This is the cutest one I've read so far. For more, go to love.givesmehope.com :)

Things people do have bigger consequences than they think they might, but that's not always a bad thing :)

This is Jesus, friends.

oh my gosh - abuse should never happen, people like that boy give me hope. Reading these brave stories gives me hope!

These are so sweet:)

Top Stories - Love Gives Me Hope I want to do this for my boyfriends mother. I want to tank her for giving her life, for someone who is so kind and caring for everyone he meets.