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A que chica no le gusta que le ruegen .....eeeeee

A que chica no le gusta que le ruegen .

Kris:) It still hasn't really hit me that he's left. When I show someone a video or picture of Exo and they ask how many members there are, I always say 12. And then I have to correct myself and..man it hurts. But dont get me wrong, I'm happy for him:)Oh gosh, I should stop now. I apologize. Oh yeah, Lay photo bombing. That's golden.

ℓoey찬 on

I cant help but miss you I miss you so much T^T wherever you are right now, i hope that you'll stay strong my galaxy oppa :''')

Galaxy, no mather what kind of choice you made, I'll always see you as the 12th member of exo... as a fan I'm here to support you not to control your life..

Woo YiFan (Kris) of EXO (yes I know woo is not his surname but it sounds the same as Wu so I put him in this family)

150515 Kris updates us on his shoe dilemma, may be inebriated: wyfuniverse

Sry I haven’t updated this board in a while ><

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There is a guy in my school who kinda looks like kris but with a little moustache 😹

Studying is boring And what if i was the teacher..

Kris Wu Brazil on

What Joseph wants on his bed. I am pissing myself because of my own joke. I need a life.

I'm sorry, Kris, that you chose to leave EXO ~ but I will still love both you and all of EXO

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Kris...this makes me think of EXO Showtime Ep 1, the top half = "Internally: Chicken IS my style" the bottom half = "Externally: Chicken IS NOT my style"

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Upper Pic:Pouty Kris Lower Pic:Kris Judging Someone/Something


EXO Suho, Kris / Mommy and Where are you, dad?): Someone call the Kris(?