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Redesigned pre-rebellion carnelian

Redesigned pre-rebellion carnelian

And what does that say about Earth? If she's learning her skills from 'us'/the Crystal Gems... Who's in the wrong??

Peridot Theory (Steven Universe)

Mohave Purple TURQUOISE designer cab Silverhawk's designer gemstones.

~ Mohave turquoise ~ It is composed of small chunks of natural blue turquoise (some with fabulous spiderwebbing), to which they added purple dye and a brassy-bronze metallic. These are the colors I want in my livingroom

Star Wars: Lightsaber (Colors).   In the NEW canon, the kyber crystals are all CLEAR, and change color to match the user's characteristics. A clear crystal will "Bleed" red, if corrupted by a Dark Force User. The crystals CAN be "Reformed", if liberated. But will ONLY produce the color 'White', thereafter.

Star Wars: Lightsaber (Colours & Meanings)

Oh geez those feelings are complicated

Oh geez those feelings are complicated

Day 105: Bunny Cuddling by Artistic-Winds on DeviantArt>>>SEE I LIKE THE NICE COMMENTS THAT DONT RUN YOU OVER WITH THE FEELS TRAIN

Day Bunny Cuddling by Artistic-Winds on DeviantArt Bunny! So cute! Bunny do you remember me? Bunny come back!(from one of TobyTurners vines for all the idiots out there) XD

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Slowin’ down on art too much. Shooting out some randoms. Have some old pilot Steven Universe gem designs.