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A collage I made...  "Water is evil. So say we all."  If looks could kill, yes?

A collage I made. "Water is evil." If looks could kill, yes?

This has got to be the funniest and ironic thing ever!

Unfortunate Mugshot Shirts…

Funny pictures about Unfortunate Mugshot Shirts. Oh, and cool pics about Unfortunate Mugshot Shirts. Also, Unfortunate Mugshot Shirts.

Whose Line Is It Anyway. My most favorite show. I watch it on youtube all the time, it is just soooo hilarious!

Now I just need a witty title...

Whose Line Is It Anyway. God I LOVE this show. Fond memories of a family holiday to Florida when we all watched it together

"You know your day is going bad when" I've actually done the last one.

You just know your day is gonna suck.

You know your day is going bad when // can we all just appreciate the double yellow starburst is someone's bad day?

SPECIAL THANKS to JasDavINK for this collage! *hugs* ;u; I don't own artworks! Also, this is MY perspective and interest, not yours. If your favorite pasta isn't here, well I am sorry, this is MY t...

Creepypasta-Jeff the killer, Ben Drowned, Laughing Jack, Jason the Toy Maker, Candy Pop and the doll maker

High school vs College

I'm high school it was annoying but now in college i don't like when others take my seat.

"I'm not taking shit from you and neither is she so get out of my fucking face" (Abigail doesn't get angry often but when she does...)

50 Comebacks Will Leave Them SPEECHLESS (& And Make YOU Laugh)

Narcissism- Finding humor again after loving a Narcissist - Being a dick won't make yours any bigger.