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ginger cookies

Rain clouds and raindrops cookies

(359) Totoro cream puff recipe | Yummy Treats & Recipes | Pinterest

Bento, Monsters: Totoro Cream Puff--- kinda feel like this is super fake. Pate choux doesn't work like that hahahaha silly

小松鼠奇奇蒸糕Chip Tsum Tsum Steam Cakes

小松鼠奇奇蒸糕Chip Tsum Tsum Steam Cakes

shinotakeda's photo on Instagram

shinotakeda's photo on Instagram

eclairs animals decorated

Super-duper adorable little Animal Eclairs.


Torotoro cream-filled korone and pull-apart bread

Custard filled chick steamed buns 🐥🐥 by WanwanTea (

リトルマーメイドより~オルゴール~ ツムツムシリーズで もっちゃんに リクエストされた アリエル&ラプンッエル*^^ せ...


❤ Japan Candy Box ❤ The Sweetest Monthly Japanese.

(1) Bear bread & Pig bread | cute food | Pinterest

Bear and piggies

This set would look great on any table. By Arrow + Sage.

“There’s nothing like opening a kiln,” says Anna Eaves , a ceramicist from North Carolina in the USA. “People compare it to.

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I've been making guacamole for as long as I can remember. With lime and smashed garlic and those gorgeous black avocados (Hass) that turn all creamy and good once you mix everything in. Well, those perfect avocados aren't always round these

Best Ever Guacamole

guacamole in 3 {so easy and a filling snack} ///hmm i like the idea of addin hot sauce



1 * 7 * 2016 星期五     好一阵子没做蒸蛋糕了,   这一次做了这款迷你小苹果造型,   希望他们会带给你一点点欢乐 ❤❤   星期五快乐!!       可惜家中的甜菜根粉所剩不多,   只足够调出这浅浅的颜色。。。        儿子说:“妈妈,这颜色好像鸡蛋...

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いいね!2,292件、コメント40件 ― satomiさん(@satomi_0819)のInstagramアカウント: 「*2017.02.27* * #3色団子パン  * 前回はちぎりパンでつくりましたが 今回は無理矢理竹串にさしてみました(。-∀-。) (ストローは手元の部分のみ) * * 色付けは野菜パウダー…」

kawaii food Cute bread bear sticks by satomi (

Chocolate & Blackcurrant Cheesecake Recipe (Gluten-Free)

Blackcurrant cheesecake with a chocolate crust