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Sillas ergonómicas y reclinables: hogar y oficina

I'd love to try this flexible chair with so many sitting/standing positions. The taskmate sets your laptop or other work at the perfect position. This couldn't get much cooler.

The Touring Quadracycle - Hammacher Schlemmer.  We've used these at Harrison Hot Springs in Canada, B.C.   Fun for my blind father to "drive" a car again.  I directed him.

The Touring Quadracycle - Hammacher Schlemmer - This touring pedal-cycle has twin rear seats equipped with pedals that power its rear drive train and allows adults to steer from the backseat.

Thatsit™ Balans® PROMO - Silla ergonómica THATSIT BALANS

Thatsit™ Balans® PROMO - Silla ergonómica THATSIT BALANS

Engineering manager Scott Goodson reclines in the reclining workstation he built at Facebook HQ

This is the new Facebook app. It's called Paper

Engineering manager Scott Goodson reclines in the workstation he custom-fabricated.

Quiero unooo!

‘land peel’ is a design from japanese industrial design student shin yamashita. It’s a flat three piece mat set from which you can create a table, a seat or a rest simply by lifting the panels.

When it comes to a geek's home, no expense is spared, and here are some gadgets and accessories you might find. I need the clock. And maybe the gummy bear chandelier, but definitely the clock.

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk. I need this!! Then I can finally start working out again and not have to worry about choosing whether to study for nursing or work out! I could finally do both! Haha!

Work out while working with the treadmill desk from TrekDesk. The desk fits almost any treadmill. Just be careful — we can see how this could be a potential hazard.

Falta de Hierro, identificalo

Falta de Hierro, identifícalo - Iron deficiency, identify it