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Dancers among us!  [ the Royal Ballet in London has a contest & they've asked everyone to send them photos of people doing a grand jete anywhere & everywhere. There have been some really amazing photos. ]

Dancer crossing the street at Macy's. I would like to know the "Basic-Street-Safety-when-Walking" rules for dancers on the rain // Annmaria Mazzini in Jordan Matter's book: Dancers Among Us. Kind of Like Singing in the rain.

Gorgeous. She must be a gymnast... look at her flexibility, and curled toe point.

Omg I have to have a picture like this one day! Especially cause its on a cruise ship

Me and the music. I studied a variety of dance including ballet, interpretive, tap, modern, step, country and more. There have been periods in life when I wasn't dancing everyday and my body, mind and spirit felt 'stale and uninspired." In 2012 I made a decision to dance and now it's just me and the music for a special part of my day and my whole self resonates with vitality again.

It's just me now.when that person gave up on you. You have the music and I have DANCE! Dance Quote - Words of Wisdom


Dance enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time.This is so true!

A body that moves.

“ Flexibility training is perhaps the most undervalued component of conditioning. Flexibility refers to the ability to move joints through their entire range of motion, from a flexed to an extended.

Sea Dancers in the Magic Light of Sunrise, photography by Richard Calmes Wish I could do this Goal

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Dance senior picture at the beach at sunset. Dance senior picture idea for girl at sunset. Dance senior picture idea for girl at the beach.

what i do on a daily basis.... or wish i did lol

Don't you just hate it when you shorts gap at the waist while doing a sexy back bend on a bridge?

Danseuse étoile

heather ogden - national ballet of canada dance-dance-dance