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Read Naruto Uzumaki Vol. 3 from the story Fotos de Parejas y Personajes de Naruto Shippuden by (YoYNadieMas) with reads. sasusaku, n.

Lição de moral...nunca assista filme de terror com o Naruto

Guess who decided to pick a scary movie to watch because his boyfriend would need someone to hold? Guess who also regretted it at the end? I think someone should& warned Sasuke XDD

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Naruto, Sasuke, and Itachi Aw this is like if the kyuubi attack & uchiha clan massacre never happened

Naruto Uzumaki

Another sketchy fanart Naruto in shoujou style Sakura's version --- Naruto Uzumaki (C) Masashi Kishimoto Art (C) =xCluBearx 'Suuuup?

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Sasuke and official favourite sensei-student ship ♡

Omg hahahahha sasuka the buzz kill

Imagine the conversation Sasuke and Naruto will have to have with the kids after this. Sasuke will probably have a deadpan look as usual (or a murderous look) and Naruto's face will probably be as red as his mother's hair

Naruto - Naruto and Hinata - Ramen

Naruto - Naruto and Hinata - Ramen 〖 Naruto Uzumaki Hinata Hyuga ramen cute tiny 〗