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"Owls have fourteen vertebrae bones in their necks, which is twice as many as humans. This gives their neck greater flexibility, so they can turn their head around to 270 degrees. Wish I had an owl's neck!

Night Owl - Colorful Owl Moon Star Print by bluelucystudios (etsy)

Bahama Pintail

The White-cheeked Pintail (Anas bahamensis), also known as the Bahama Pintail or Summer Duck, found in the Caribbean, South America, and the Galápagos Islands

barn owl on barn door--Why, yes, I was born in a barn.

A Barn Owl on a barn door. I like the contrast of the dark interior of the barn, and the colours of the door in this shot. I wish the barn owl was sligh.


Eastern Screech Owl (Red phase) :: Doesn't it look like there is a squirrel on top? Birds are so cool!

Owl drawing. ~And you thought YOUR owl drawing had big eyes! This one looks like it had too much expresso... @Brianna Shanholtz

~And you thought YOUR owl drawing had big eyes!This painting is adorbs!

Owl in a Little Red Beret - Painting by Annya Kai - Owl Decor Snow and Birch Trees with Adorable Owl Couple-chouette-hihou-amour-dessin-neige-hiver