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Do The Robot - Loading Artist This is possibly the saddest thing I've seen today.

I just don't know anymore . What's wrong with these people??

I am literally dying not with a straight poker face like actually dying of laughter. I can't- BONEY AFRICAN FEET is just too much

Quite different ending that what I thought of...

Serving the Queen

Also kawaii

This is what i need to tell my self whenever I see a spider. A beautiful land octopus xD

His logic is sound...

His logic is sound…

Man Posts Best Response Ever After Being Rejected By The Military. This Is Priceless. but, seriously, though, why DO countries send their most incompetent people to wars?


32 Funny Pictures for Today

kiiaramariiediiaz: “ayoaprell: “Well SHIT ” Stop. ”

Funny pictures about You Silly Rabbit. Oh, and cool pics about You Silly Rabbit. Also, You Silly Rabbit photos.

The Lord says, "You don't understand now but you will" You have to get through the Chaos to enjoy the Palace #brokentopeace #memehistory pic credit @marcusastanley

It wasn’t too long ago when the hashtag flooded our timelines with real-life reactions to some of the most common historical events told in the Bible. We’ve gathered some of our favorites here that were too hilarious to forget!

Churches be like. * Please foster, Spay, Neuter & Save a Life ~ Adopt from a shelter / rescue ♡.hilarious but why the fuck does this description say "spay and neuter" with it?