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The White Ravens of Qualicum Beach, Vancouver. THE birds are said not to be "albino" but "leucistic" a genetic defect resulting in birds that lack normal pigmentation. "White Raven Capital of the World"

Bearded Vulture by  Tambako The Jaguar

A bearded vulture (biggest bird of prey that you can meet in Switzerland), taken against the bright gray sky.

In the Arms of Sleep

Common Redpoll sweety- I had to PIN this little bird as its beauty just touched my heart- GOD created such special creatures for us to enjoy and we preserve them for the future

The Long-tailed Broadbill is a species of broadbill that is found in the Himalayas, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia. It is the only bird in the genus Psarisomus. It can be identified by its shrill call. The Long-tailed Broadbill is a forest bird that lives on insects. It is very sociable and normally travels in large, noisy parties except during the mating season.

The Long-tailed Broadbill, Psarisomus Dalhousiae, is a species of Broadbill that…

mistymorrning: (via 5d5f793f1c907c9a95692150e9b0cf84.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 749 pixels))

“Blond-crested Woodpecker (Celeus flavescens)” is found in Brazil, southeastern Paraguay, and extreme northeastern Argentina. Photo by Octavio Campos Salles

35 #Beautiful Birds to Make Your Day Brighter ...

Beautiful Hummingbird - The colors God puts together without consulting a color chart. It works!

Raven Pair (by an Aron) These friendly guys were checking out the sunset at delicate arch in Arches NP.

Did you know that Ravens not only remember people who help them, but also that they tell their friends about the kindness? In field studies,.

Family tree :-) owls.

such a big family. They really have a full house.or should we say tree?

Painted Bunting

Male Painted-Bunting [Passerina ciris] that is un-mistakable with rainbow-colored feathers and red eye-ring,

Snow Bird Greeting Card for Sale by Diane Merkle. Our premium-stock greeting cards are 5" x 7" in size and can be personalized with a custom message on the inside of the card. All cards are available for worldwide shipping and include a money-back guarantee.

Snow Bird Greeting Card for Sale by Diane Merkle

Snow Bird, Female Cardinal I think these birds are lovely. The combination of the soft brown with the red is so warm. They are a perfect compliment to their red male counterparts.