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Fox !?

Artist Shannon Holt masterfully turns humans into animals using body paint

Student paints mind-boggling optical illusions on her arm

Student paints mind-boggling optical illusions on her arm

Lisha Simpson, from Canberra, Australia, is an aspiring body artist and…


Simply awesome :) have a deep look guys. beautiful ladies r making this awesome tiger face :) Like and share for more === Artistic Mind

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Black Jasper Fennec Fox Mask by merimask

Sometimes I ~really love~ the way a mask turns out. This one is especially appealing to me. I've never made a black fennec before, and never done stone inlay or added semi-precious ston.

Pas na drie keer kijken zie je waar deze dieren in werkelijkheid van zijn gemaakt

20 life hacks waar je ons eeuwig dankbaar voor bent

Body Paint turns Humans into Animals , U. artist Shannon Holt using body paint, turns humans into breathtaking animals paintings. via bor.

Hand Painting : les incroyables animaux de Guido Daniele

Handpainting made by the famous italian artist Guido Daniele for personal research

Body Landscape

Robnisha's African Sunset by John Poppleton* UV body painting & photograph by John Poppleton. Painted on skin using fluorescent body paint and photographed under black light.

du bodypainting surréaliste sur les mains par Lisha Simpson  2Tout2Rien

face painter and aspiring body artist Lisha Simpson uses her skin as a mutable canvas to make her fairytale-like tableaux.

Kyril the Kitsune Room Guardian by on @DeviantArt

Etsy commission for OMG I cannot tell you how happy I am with Kyril. He has a carnelian heart and I think he looks so magical. Kyril the Kitsune Room Guardian

Woman Transformed into a Parrot by Johannes Stotter  Look very closely

Incredible Body-Paintings Of Animals And Nature By Various Artists