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Another famous Mark Hallett with Sauropods. Too bad it has the feathered theropods in the foreground. The sauropods look a little sickly.

Jurassic World, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue!

"Something Old. Something New. Something Borrowed. Something Blue" - Jurassic Park/Jurassic World

Torvosaurus gurneyi.


Torvosaurus gurneyi, named after paleo-illustrator James Gurney of Dinotopia fame, measured 10 meters ft) and possessed teeth 10 centimeters in) long. It is also thought to possess a light covering of fuzz or bristles, precursors to feathers.

Dinosaurs ~Yes, dinosaurs were real. Creation is a myth, as are your gods.

Dinosaurs ~Yes, dinosaurs were real. Creation is a myth, as are your gods. -creation, God and dinosaurs all existed. God's not dead

Species New to Science: Ceratopsidae

Scientists have discovered a new horned dinosaur. The newly identified genus, Koreaceratops hwaseongensis, lived about 103 million years ago during the late Early Cretaceous period. The specimen is the first ceratopsian dinosaur from the Korean peninsula.

Tyrannosaurus rex ("tyrant lizard king"), also recognized colloquially as The King of the Dinosaurs, was a huge carnivorous theropod dinosaur from the Upper Maastrichtian, the last stage of the Cretaceous time, 65–66 million years ago.  For more details visit:http://www.rareresource.com/tyrannosaurus%20rex.htm

Tyrannosaurus rex : The first specimen (a partial vertebra) was establish by Edward Cope in 1892 and was described as Manospondylus gigas. It was assigned to Tyrannosaurus rex in 1912 by Henry Osborn.

James Gurney

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