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Funny pictures about J. Rowling showing some love. Rowling showing some love. Rowling showing some love.

Harry potter (I'm pretty sure the word is twilight)

I love the fact that Twilight is such an atrocious word that she censored it

Just a thing to think about... just a thought...

If you still think the Harry Potter books are still for kids, then I have serious doubts whether you can actually read. Only Trix are for kids.

oh burn :)   i like the version of this joke with bieber and Linkin Park

JK Rowling is the Beyoncé of literature. She is Queen. She is more than Queen. She is god. Probably even Queen God

Know your Shoes - This handy diagram can help you identify what exactly you are dealing with when DIYing

Just Some Daniel Radcliffe For You Guys - Love the one about a tiny, drunk best friend!

Fred and George Weasley. Fred's death was probably the only one I actually cried about..

This made me so sad. The HP books as told by Fred and George. And then just George D':

Awww. Emma did say he broke her heart... Maybe it was payback? Haha these two are such cuties.

Tom Felton and Emma Watson discuss Hermione punching Draco in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". That'd be hilarious.I wanna see Emma smack the shit out of Tom

Well holy shit, I never thought of that<<I love this fandom. *grimaces and mutters* Most of the time.

The other hero of Harry Potter. When he moves forward and becomes part of his own story instead of the story of his past, his strength surges." TEAM NEVILLE FOR LIFE! (Sorry for the language)