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Ghetto hikes. I apologize for the language, but it's too funny not to repin!

My new favorite twitter account

Funny pictures about Ghetto hikes. Oh, and cool pics about Ghetto hikes. Also, Ghetto hikes.

Dump A Day Who Says Husbands Aren't Helpful? - 12 Pics

a waiting husband. and dog. I can see this happening when I have a husband and we have a house and a dog!

We've rounded up some geeky yearbook photos that may actually be more memorable than the photos themselves. i like the plankton quote the most

Text Messhttp://InternetDuty.com/?id=biqebbages From A Cat

Text Messages From A Cat

Text Messages From A Cat. Made me laugh out loud at work. Coworkers definitely know I'm a crazy cat lady, now they think im even crazier for believing that cats text.mine does.

Whose Line Is It Anyway Compilation

Picture # 83 collection funny pictures pics) for May 2016 (part – Funny Pictures, Quotes, Pics, Photos, Images and Very Cute animals.

Best autocorrects of 2012, iphone

The Funniest AutoCorrects Of Freaking Hilarious! 😄😆😂 quite possibly the funniest thing I have EVER read!

Kangaroos are really just T-Rex Deers!

15 Crazy Things You've Never Thought About

kangaroo t-rex deer animal dinosaur funny pics pictures pic picture image photo images photos lol

When you know that no one cares about the family photo so you just go for it

15 Outrageously Funny Group Face Swaps

You're probably familiar with the simple face swap, right? Add more people for a group face swap, and it only gets funnier.

Grumpy Cat!  but i still love you, George Michael.

Never wanted it anyway…

28 Fresh Memes To Kick Start Your Day - Funny Gallery

28 Fresh Memes To Kick Start Your Day

there is a whole calendar out there somewhere. I thought about buying it because it makes me giggle.

How Often Do You See A Guy Doing A Car Commercial?: How often do you see a guy doing a car commercial? yep that's what I thought GIRLS always win they can c

Such an adorable parasite… - just rewatched this ep last night :) gotta love house

Such an adorable parasite…

Funny pictures about Such an adorable parasite. Oh, and cool pics about Such an adorable parasite. Also, Such an adorable parasite.