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Finding Neverland

Icarus - Snowy egret hunting for food. They'll shake their feet or run in different directions to stir up prey.


Green-headed Tanager (Tangara seledon) is a found in Atlantic forest in south-eastern Brazil, far eastern Paraguay and far north-eastern Argentina. While essentially a bird of humid forests, it is also common in orchards and parks, where it m

~~Friends ~ hummingbirds by EbyArts~~

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ภเгคк ค๓๏

ภเгคк ค๓๏


The Araripe Manakin, Antilophia Bokermanni, is a critically endangered bird from the family of Manakins (Pipridae).: It was discovered in 1996 and scientifically described in 1998 in Brazil.

Письмо «Мы нашли новые пины для вашей доски «Рыбы ...и компания».» — Pinterest — Яндекс.Почта

Письмо «Мы нашли новые пины для вашей доски «Рыбы ...и компания».» — Pinterest — Яндекс.Почта

Black-faced Dacnis (Dacnis lineata) by Esaú Sánchez. This bird is found in humid forest in the Amazon and the Chocó-Magdalena (coastal Colombia and Ecuador). The latter population has a yellow (not white) belly and is sometimes considered a separate species, the Yellow-tufted Dacnis (D. egregia)

Black-Faced Dacnis (Dacnis lineata), tiniest of the tanager family. Photo by deseonocturno

The Resplendent Quetzal is a bird in the trogon family. It is found from Guatemala to western Panama. www.panamaroadrunner.com

Resplendent Quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) Quetzal _ Quetzals are beautifully colored birds / intense green color / nature / long tail by Bob Gress