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653 Fennekin (02) by adfpF1

650 Chespin by on DeviantArt

I don't like Pokemon, but their outfits are awesome

Arendelle Confirmed as Next Pokémon Region

Arendelle as Next Pokémon Region (Frozen x Pokemon mashup) Mash ups, srsly my favorite things ever.

Resultado de imagen para pokemon

Resultado de imagen para pokemon

:(  I'm fairly certain if this were Oh Mother, I'd be curled up in a ball weeping.

Oh Father

Oh my goodness. the father is a DITTO! And is the best parent ever! THE FEELS! I didn't realize until the end it was a ditto! At first I was like, what is up with all these other Pokemon are they his friends?

Pikachu disfrazado de pikachu

Pikachu in a Pikachu Costume (artist I can't read the name, but drawing was made in w/ no matte.

YEP.  I'm pinning this as a segue into a life science lesson.  And to think, I thought POKEMON WASN'T THE COOL THING ANYMORE.  I continue to be proven WAAAAAY wrong this year!!!

Pokemon in real life xD Not sure how Mew is derived from a Kangaroo rat though. I thought mew was a cat.

Pokemon stickers! > O < I’ll have keychains and stickers in the store in a couple weeks, but you can preorder now. Merry christmas friends!

Pokemon Nintendo- Toy of the Year what. Kids and kids later & I still have no clue what it is about (power, energy, cartoonish characters.

I could do the same thing, now that I have Ho-oh.<<I'd go for lugia

It Would Be Nice if NPCs Actually Reacted to the Pokémon Following You

Poke blocks :P