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Albino model

Meet Thando Hopa, a South African supermodel with albinism who is using her platform to fight the discrimination faced by many albinos in Africa.

russian albino model nastya kumarova

The gorgeous Russian albino model, Nastya (Kiki) Zhidkova - *Kumarov is her photograph! Kumarova is NOT her last name!

hair: Diandra Forrest is a famous Afro-American albino model

Albino Model Diandra Forrest, the first Albino model to be signed to a major Modeling Agency. *Shaun Ross best known for being the first male albino model (look above).

crystallized-rose: “ lilac-smokesss: “ Albino model. Wow, she’s so beautiful *__* Her name is Nastya Kumarova

white-lashes: “ psychosomaticist: “ mischiefsmistress: “ malformalady: “ Nastya Kumarova, an albino girl from Russia ” Ahhhhh, so pretty! I thought albinos had red eyes?

Albino Male Model Shaun Ross

Albino Male Model Shaun Ross