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WWI propaganda posters - Have Your Answers Ready for the State Census

Have Your Answers Ready - State Military Census - WWI Poster

Popeye: Imagem do personagem feita nos anos 40 na época da Segunda Guerra.

WWII anti Japanese and Nazi propaganda poster for War Stamps featuring Popeye. Help Us Salute Our Veterans by supporting their businesses at www

Little Americans, WWI - America.

WWI Propaganda Poster Little Americans, do your bit Eat oatmeal, corn meal mush, [.] Save the wheat for our soldiers - Leave nothing on your plate

Cthulhu's Treasure Box -- John Bull 1.WK Propaganda Plakat

A World War I recruitment poster, featuring John Bull pointing accusingly at the reader, with the text ‘Who’s absent?’ Behind him rows of soldiers can be seen.

Modest Attire Preferred - WWI British propaganda poster

A WWI poster from the British National War Savings Committee (Printed by Roberts & Leete, Ltd., London, "To dress extravagantly in war time is worse than bad form, it is unpatriotic.

OMG....This is great!  Another wonderful poster from La Belle Epoque on Greenwich Ave in the Village (NYC)

Vintage World War II poster recruiting women into factory work while the men were fighting overseas

ww1 british propaganda posters - Google Search

ww1 british propaganda posters - Google Search