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baby giraffe!!!!!

Zoo Liberec, in Liberec, Czech Republic, welcomed a female Rothschild Giraffe calf on Saturday January This first birth of the year for the Czech Zoo has zoo officials very excited, and visitors will soon be able to visit the.

A mother and baby seal kissing.

Four Sea Lion pups share spotlight – and the same dad.


Please Say Hello To This One Month Old Baby Giraffe. Omg this is so cute, I love giraffes!

Tons of adorable animal species you never knew existed are born in zoos every day. Learn about them! And of course, appreciate the cuteness

On December Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo keepers welcomed the third successful hatching this year of an endangered African Penguin chick. After 10 days, the downy grey chick was alert, warm and vocalizing, three positive signs of health and strength.

2 New Meerkat Pups For Wellington Zoo

New Zealand's Wellington Zoo welcomed a pair of Meerkat pups in January. The couplet is vivacious and healthy according to zoo officials. The birth of new Meerkats is a great opportunity for zoo visitors to observe how each Meerkat has.

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A beautiful rainbow chameleon also known as Veiled chameleon. (Chamaeleo calyptratus) Would you like to take him as pet ?

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This reminds me soooo much of The Fox in The Little Prince movie <3

A lesson in alliteration: Friendly Fox in a Fisheye Friendly Fox 1 by Sam McCullen “”

I love giraffes ❤

I love giraffes ❤

New baby giraffe at Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

"Long" Awaited Giraffe Arrival in Singapore!

These are Giant Anteaters, at Roger Williams Zoo, S. Bend, Indiana. Momma (Corndog) gave birth to a cute little girl (name?), who'll ride on mom's back for her first year. When grown, she too, will have 4 inch claws and a 2 foot tongue to eat ants with! Yum!

A baby giant anteater born January at the Brevard Zoo in Florida. The baby will hitch a ride on Mom's back for the first year of its life.