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Yup plus he's just Dylan like.... just luv him ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yeah, basically I you don't have a crush on Dylan.you DO have a crush on DYLAN.

Newt hahaha:) that face basically describes my life lol!! (I know "Thomas" but he's always newt to me☺️)

Newt, That face basically describes my life lol! (I know "Thomas" but he's always Newt to me)

His face

His face


Thomas is a time lord stuck in our time<---He was in a Doctor Who episode-Human Nature & Family of Blood. If anyone remembers, he's the kid who finds the Doctor's fob watch.--He is also Newt in The Maze Runner and he is in Game of Thrones!

See his name is Thomas Brodie-Sangster. He’s an actor. You see he may look like a 14 year old here but he’s 24 in that picture. You want to see a picture of him when he was younger. He’s 13 here. Yes he does look 8 but I swear he’s 13

My mom said that yesterday! Oh, don't know who this young man is? *pulls out hundred page notes and power point* Thomas Brodie-Sangster, born May <-- lol my little cousin asked me the same thing yesterday!