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This is beautiful. If only this happened to me

Saw this in my FB newsfeed. Don't blink.

Must get this!  This is not war - this is pest control!

Most no trespassing signs tend to be rather plain and boring. The majority of the signs I see simply say “No Trespassing” and that is it. Once in a while you will see something about a guard dog being on Read More .

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Spelling errors aside, what the heck is up with this. You can't just SKIP episodes. And btw 10 is life so don't you dare skip him and Rose os the best companion ever you will never understand how much i ship them.

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The Doctor - David Tennant I just read that entire thing.

This so true and very touching - fictional characters and historical book characters ;

Don’t Ever Apologize

Don’t Ever Apologize

Funny pictures about Don't Ever Apologize. Oh, and cool pics about Don't Ever Apologize. Also, Don't Ever Apologize photos.

Raggedyman by James Hance. I'm so in love with this Paperman/Doctor Who art! (And I could only repin his unfinished version for right now so please visit his tumblr for the final one)

Raggedyman: Eleven and River animated Paperman-style, by James Hance. Could this be any cuter?

Whovians are a mess...

Hahahahaha lol, i actually really like this movie. It was funny, zany, and really touching, and comparing this character's behavior to that of Doctor Who fans is completely accurate. Love this movie! (Meet the Robinson's)

That episode where a spaceship full of dinosaurs is pirated by Filch, who takes captive Queen Nefertiti, who then runs away with Lestrade. And Arthur Weasley drives the spaceship.

Dinosaurs flying a spaceship? Nah they're probably just passengers on the spaceship.


Doctor Who closet, complete with time vortex. If I do this, will it make my closet bigger on the inside? I could use a walk-in closet with a library and a pool. Dylan likes idea for door into room without time vortex

No way in hell.  The need to run screaming would be unbearable.

Funny pictures about And I Thought My Job Was Bad. Oh, and cool pics about And I Thought My Job Was Bad. Also, And I Thought My Job Was Bad photos.

Ooooo! A long pin! It must be good!

River's should also say "married the doctor." Badass friends of the Doctor.

Good to know! As I am always referring to it. As do my children. "look mom! This candy is Tardis Blue!" do proud ;)

As I am always referring to it. As do my children. "look mom! This candy is Tardis Blue!