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Pineapple Clothing, Accessories - Fruity Summer Outfits

'Tis the season to embrace a little theme with your outfits, and if you're the kind of person that never misses an opportunity to go festive, this is a way to wear red and green without looking like an elf. Do like Kate Foley and two accessories — just two! — against an all-black base. It's stunning, silly, but not hokey.  15 Anti-Party Looks For Cool Girls Only #refinery29

Holiday Outfits - Unique, Alternative Party Clothes

Anti-Party Holiday Outfits For 2013 - how to wear black on black, cropped long sleeve, midi-skirt

1 piece, 3 ways to wear it: The official cool-girl jean (Photo by Atisha Paulson)

Nifesimi Oluwole The Skinny Hipster Fall Fashion Tips

Nifesimi Oluwole of The Skinny Hipster shows us how to style up one chic pair of — you guessed it — skinny jeans three ways.