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"It's all fun and games until you have to wake up and be a parent at 6 am."

"It's all fun and games until you have to wake up and be a parent at 6 am." But change parent to Nanny for me.

I know. That's thing about working with people someone always slips up. Truth comes out. Thanks for letting me have it confirmed by the grapevine. You truly are a lousy person and everyone else knows too.

Scorpios have an intuition like you've never known. Just because you think you're getting away with something doesn't mean you are. We keep quiet until the time is perfect.

So deeply felt is a burden, nothing else. To feel so deeply makes me frown. Deeply felt is a sin. Feeling deeply a tragic curse. To feel so deeply as to be scarred by everything left to be just a mark.

Sex involves the body. Great sex involves the mind. And mind-blowing sex cannot occur without the entire heart and soul.

Great Sex Involves the Mind

Sex involves the body. Great sex involves the mind.


We don't need to socialize and spend time with people for the sake of socializing. We crave quality time with the selected few. The only thing about me is I'm an ambivert. So I do get lonely if I don't hang out with my friends.

Everyone should follow that,,,, believe it or not,,,, makes your own life easier,,,,, do it.

The true problem comes when it's no longer clear whether or not it's a good thing.


You don't even have to match my efforts, just show that you fucking care & appreciate me.

God’s plan. #grateful Better is coming

Best decision I ever made. If he hurts you, he doesn't love you and it won't get better. You deserve to live life free from abuse.

I amnot broken anymore

Guard up

💡Guard up. Sometimes I think the people who write this stuff know me so well 😳

Even if it's one small thing at a time, I hope karma eats your ass up!

Christians Tired of Being Misrepresented

Staying teachable is greatly benefited by humility. Knowing is the opposite of thinking & learning. It is, however, possible to be humble and not very teachable.

wrong with the world

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Awwww:) if only he would say that... Gah... I can't get him out of my head

"The reason I am who I am is because I don't want the pain of falling in love." "Whatever you say, but remember, if you do fall, I'll catch you.