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10 Free Thanksgiving Crochet Patterns

Celebrate a day of coming together with family and friends, make a memory, start a tradition, and enjoy fall with these free thanksgiving crochet patterns!

Around The Thanksgiving Table! 12 Free Crochet Patterns, roundup on Fiber Flux

You still have time to crochet your way into your families hearts with these adorable patterns for your table. Fiber Flux has gathered 12 patterns that will leave your friends and family truly than…

Crochet Turkey Hat Free Pattern

Turkey Hat Free Crochet Patterns

A turkey crochet hat will definitely put a smile on anyone's face. Here are a few Turkey Hat Free Crochet Patterns we have compiled for you to pick from.

Pumpkin Spice! 12 Fabulous and Free Crochet Patterns...

Pumpkin Spice! 12 Fabulous and Free Crochet Patterns... (Fiber Flux...Adventures in Stitching)

Amigurumi Food: Indian Corn Free Pattern, make wreath out of these instead of real indian corn! Lasts a lot longer!

Crochet Indian Corn

Halloween Candy Corn Free Crochet Pattern.  Thank you!  So much fun to make and display!

Crocheted Candy Corn Crochet Pattern

Free Candy Corn Crochet Pattern - This crochet candy corn is a delicious little pattern and completely sugar free!


Attack of the Crochet beasties! A round up of free crochet patterns featuring some very cute creatures. Rayna Noel 's Witch Leg Yarn Bomb is too much!