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Cow, Moo, Baubles, Sketch, Earrings, Christmas, Party, Eccentric, Drawing, Black and White, Funny, Cute, Art, Artist:- available to purchase online.

Cow, Moo, Baubles, Sketch, Earrings, Christmas, Party, Eccentric, Drawing, Black and White, Funny, Cute, Art, Artist:- available to purchase online.

Hilarious images of Cows in Hats. (more at the link)

Between Health and Wealth Avenues: Eating for Peace Part Go Dairy Free One Day a W.

There's no need to exploit and harm someone for your own pleasure or profit. ALL animals -- human AND nonhuman -- have the inherent rights not to be treated as someone's property or used/exploited for someone else's interests. We rob others of those rights and steal what isn't ours. We harm those who mean us no harm. If you wouldn't want to be treated like that, then don't do it to someone else! humanemyth.org & http://www.peacefulprairie.org/humane-myth01.html & goveganworld.com

I've always wanted a pet cow.okay, two pet cows, I don't want the first pet cow to be lonely.

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Get into the holiday spirit with easy and alternative Christmas Gift Ideas that are easy to make, Perfect as stocking stuffers or last minute gift ideas.

Quote from repin--  We are in the precious time of the reset, a time of spiritual opportunity that comes once in twenty six thousand years. The planetary blocking frequencies are weak and those who can resonate with the incoming spiritual vibrations will have a heightening of awareness and many spiritual questions will be answered. -- Elva Thompson

If that was a corn field that cow would be in a pen in a hurry if it was at our farm!

Labels such as "organic", "local", "humane certified", "grass fed", "free range" make it seem like those who are willing to pay a higher price can enjoy dairy from small-scale "humane" farms that treat cows/calves with compassion and respect. But is the public being misled? Find out by visiting http://www.humanemyth.org/

"Animals have families and feelings, and to think that kindness before killing them is an answer is totally wrong. Humans have no need for animal products." - Howard Lynman, former cattle rancher turned vegan

i want this to hang on my wall :)  Cows with sunset behind them

Cattle At Sunset. I had a hard time deciding whether to pin this under "Art" or "Animals" because it's really both, don't you think?

Bubba and Hudson (Jersey Calf and Baby Chicken) - Hudson perches on Bubba's head for a birds eye view.

Since going vegan I feel like my eyes have been opened to the innocence and value of these beautiful creatures.  When you’re not putting anxiety, pain and death into your body through the food you’re eating, you’re genuinely more able to see the very real value of every single life. I just can’t understand why you would decide to continue to cause a living hell for these creatures when you could stop the cruelty all together at a relatively tiny sacrifice to yourself. #getswitchedo...

FUN FACT Cows are very social animals, and they naturally form large herds. And like people they will make friends and bond to some herd members, while avoiding others. Very intelligent and kind creatures I LOVE COWS