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what-a-beautiful-eruri: “ I don’t have art to post so here is an edit I made today ”

When in doubt,Tea.

When in doubt,Tea. (I like tea. When I can't draw, tea. When I can't write, tea.

29 Lil' Pieces Of Tumblr Inspiration To Make You Feel Less Sucky Today

This happened to me and I wear whatever I want and decide I look fabulous. And now one person even said that she was jealous of my confidence and my crush os now my boyfriend

This is still my favorite

Death by small man in frilly pink apron 😂😂😂😂 now thats a way to die

Yup YAOI Girls Guys !!!!! SHIPPPP is already sailing even before this scene. I just know it!!!!! ❤

SHIPPPP is already sailing even before this scene. ❤<<<< YES its like damn levi i know you want that ass but hold your jeans.

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Me oh lord ships and otps

"Me after series three of Sherlock: 'Goodbye everyone. I'll remember you all in therapy.