Juggernaut Mech Design on Digital Art Served

Juggernaut Mech Design desert by sancient / Riyahd Cassiem. More robots here.

Hell Diver soldier

this guys the top of the helldivers if you will the first of them the original and still the best Guna try and get round to more painting! cheers for looking guys peace and love!

Mech Soldier Character by Sketchdaz on deviantART

Soldier Character, I've been working on finally complete, (Concept Art by St Theo) Mech Soldier Character

Mech Soldier Front and back by Sketchdaz

Soldier character i've been working on, pretty much finished, been a complex one but really happy with the outcome (Concept art by St Theo) Mech Soldier Front and back


Second Gen Cursian Elite Guardian Soldier, serve the Cursian System, and accompany some of the Armored Tonagythian Warriors who protect the Courier and The Elite.

Conheça um ilustrador que cria cenários futuristas de soldados e robôs

Need some inspiration for the end of the day? check the art of Nivanh Chanthara, concept artist at Eidos Montreal

Drone soldier

The Infantry unit. A newer model of the unit, the 279 is both EMP and water resilient. Much more versatile than its previous model.