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Those eyelashes tho

I think Pinterest, don't favour kids....

If these eyes don't catch your attention, nothing will. The beautiful big innocent eyes of a child.

Ooo the eyes are so adorable.....

Blue eyed baby face with heart tongue.

How adorable

Such a beautiful child.& those baby blues!

Blue eyes Haluun ton lapsen itelleni :D

This baby has the prettiest and longest eyelashes I've ever seen! Must be a child of Aphrodite!

Afghan Girl. people photography, world people, faces

people photography, world people, faces

pinterest: @ beckslicka

Cutest mixed baby with blue eyes. I hope my kids get the recessive gene (: EYEES his eyes 😍😍😍

by Romanian photographer Mey Rem

Rare Eye Colors in Humans


' Diye Sordurtan 35 Renkli Göz ~~this little guy kind of has a mischievous look in his big blue eyes.

☼ pinterest: simplysydneyyy ☼

Cuteness overload By lillmissegypt by chique_le_frique

Imagini pentru rihana nemachiata

Imagini pentru rihana nemachiata

15Het verhaal eindigt bij het koppel dat zoveel meegemaakt had in hun relatie. Er wordt een grote sprong gemaakt in de toekomst waar ze vertellen dat ze een zoontje hebben met donker haar van de papa en blauwe ogen van de mama.

Perfect Babies on

Tiny boy with big, beautiful blue eyes.

Yessss!! shes perfect!!!

Yessss!! shes perfect!!!

Pinterest: @India16

what an adorable baby face with so amazing eyes

AWESOME - Comunidad - Google+

Fotografía sweet as a pie por Dina Telhami en