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I would have caress his face and gently move hand through his hair causing them to give a look of his eyes to me while he stares at me . AND I JUST KILLED MYSELF HELP!


I will jump in the damn water to reach to him but Idk how to swim so I might die. I think I'll bring a boat xD- well I do beat ya there

Volteeeei!!!! #diversos # Diversos # amreading # books # wattpad

Imagines, memes, reações BTS! - 2

his hair is like 7 different colours at the same time during the era, WHAT TONER DOES HE USE?



banqhim: “cutie jimin shaking his head when namjoon mentioned JIMIN N J.

"Flash" - Kookmin (Jungkook x Jimin) - 13 - Nice to meet you - Wattpad

"Flash" - Kookmin, Taegi - 13 - Nice to meet you


박지민: is a sexy busan namja but oh man holy shit he is such a cutiepie looks like a lil boy here ♥♥