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Here is a  wire dread wrap with tree and leaf. by CatTorpedoDreads, £2.70

Here is a wire dread wrap with tree and leaf. These dread wraps are handmade, can be worn with real or synth dreads.

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Best Homemade Natural Shampoo Recipes for Healthy Hair

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Hair Wrap Extension Striped Yarn Atebas Single Ended Loop Temporary Accessory Thin Braid-In Dread Many Rainbow Colors Available Custom

Ahhhhh i gotta get it!Tree of life deadlock coil

tree of life dreadlock bead.Com for Leather Dreadlock Cuffs, Ties & Dread Beads Love these dread beads, Lawd, me must be half Rhasta or sumptin

#anoukdreadmaker #dreadlocks #locks #synthetic #crocheted #extensions

#anoukdreadmaker #dreadlocks #locks #synthetic #crocheted #extensions

Smoko Toast USB Handwarmers

Plug in these handwarmers and in just a few moments, your hands will be wonderfully toasty. And yes, you CAN type while wearing them. Get your own toasty warm hands and conquer your always-freezing office with adorable plush foodstuff.