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Quick & handy Guide to Gods & Goddesses of Egypt! via Magical Recipes Online Ra, the God of Sun: Invoked for all Blessings, Healing & Wealth Osiris, God.


Egyptian Hieroglyphics (the Egyptian scripts), hieroglyphs alphabet - information about the ancient Egyptian language

Egyptian Hieroglyphics The only problem with this is that Hieroglyphs don't have vowels. So I don't know what's going on with 'A'.

Ancient Alphabets

These examples of Ancient Alphabets are from my collection of old books. You'll find Egyptian hieroglyphics, Coptic characters, ancient Greek and more.

Ancient Egyptian Hairstyles 2

Potentially ancient Egyptian style headwear. Village Hat Shop Gallery :: Chapter 1 - Ancient Egyptian :: Illustrations of the different hat styles of the Ancient Egyptians.

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The Greek alphabet, the script of English today, is based on the Kemetic alphabet of Ancient Egypt/Kemet and the Upper Nile Valley of Ancient Africa. Ancient Egyptians called their words MDW NTR, or ‘Metu Neter,” which means divine speech. The Greeks call


Teaching Resources for Ancient Egypt, this could be a craft project connected to a map game of Ancients. The kids could cut out or draw their hieroglyphic names.

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics Alphabet — Stock Image

This is a fun worksheet to go along with your study of ancient Egypt. It shows the hieroglyphic alphabet and has a space for students to try writing their names in hieroglyphics.

Using "Hieroglyphics" to translate a Bible verse - fun activity for Ancient Egypt study

Using "Hieroglyphics" to translate a Bible verse - fun activity for Ancient Egypt study- week 2

Ancient Egypt hieroglyphics: fun for older grades, if done with work, can write a message for them to decode, or let them write one for others to decode (with approval)

Egypt hieroglyphics for K presentation.print a copy for each student and have them cut out the pictures to spell their names.