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It's obviously photoshopped because the trees aren't bent over towards the tornado and I doubt the fireman wouldn't be staring at a tornado and watching it



Switzerland and Liechtenstein- how do you accidentally invade another country THREE times?

To the guy who posted about the the president car door

To the guy who posted about the the president car door

The Best Place To Be During An Apocalypse: Obama’s Car! He knows he's the Least liked president EVER! This is why we're paying for more security than any other president! And for this armored car!

Geweldig! Echt geweldig Mag ik even zeggen dat ik dat nu wil doen.

This Guy Was Having A Bad Day. What He Did Next Is Priceless. (When you're having a bad day read!

Flight Attendants: What are the weirdest things flight attendants have seen in their line of duty?

14 Actual Announcements By Flight Attendants. We had a flight attendant sing a song about New Orleans when we landed after our honeymoon. It was hilarious & he actually had a really great voice!

This is the best thing in all of creation. Read down to the very end because this is gold!!!

Avengers and Frozen swap. << I'm just laughing so hard because the one of frozen becoming avengers was basically what happened to my friend and me

That last one though the guy in the middle was so unfortunate

The 10 greatest theme park photos ever taken! I love the marriage proposal one!